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Law Enforcement Training and Resource GroupAs budgets become tighter and tighter and certifications begin to loom over your commissioned officers we at the LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAINING  GROUP have decided to do something to make your lives on the job easier.

We are dedicated to assembling the best training offerings possible on DVDs for both “Roll Call” training of the rank and file and straight DVD training  for concentrated training sessions. To add to this concept we have also made our courses available for college courses and have live courses in certain areas with enough notice.

As more and more certification agencies require more and higher re-certification requirements we will make available more and more courses available.


POCKET CSITM is finely here!!!

Law Enforcement Training and Resource Center is proud to announce that the POCKET CSITM is ready for the field.  This great suite of smart phone programs turns you phone into a crime scene investagtive tool.  With tools for calculating car speed and blood spatter angle as will as both pre-scaled and scaled files for pictures and videos.  Also included is a docs section for reference material, a FCR report complete with places for contacts picture and picture of their ID as will as a recorder for their statement at the scene.  Look up all the items this does in the SMARTPHONE ITEMS page of this site.  Not only do we have the POCKET CSI application in both iPhone and Android but we have training materials for it.  These are Powerpoints as well as a manual for instructors both in a college setting as well as for roll call training..  


Training Courses

 Neck bruising under light

Law Enforcement TRAINING Group is offering top quality training programs, used not only for POST training but also for Criminal Justice college credit hours toward degrees and certificates.  Items found on this page are used in those classes and are designed to be not only for the college setting, but as continuing education programs, administored by agencies for commissioned officers/deputies and others in the law enforcement community.  Some of these courses come with tools for the officer/deputy to not only use during the class but afterwards during their normal duties.  Most of these courses come in one of two ways.

1) on DVD's with a admin CD for the training officer to gleen resources from, or

2) as a trainers CD with powerpoints, course outline, quizzes (and answers) for the trainer to use when putting on the course.

In either case the agency can order extra "tools" for the attendees to use while taking the courses.




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